The Great Australian Cookbook


Brand: Various Authors

Featuring 165 recipes from 100 of Australia's favourite foodies The Great Australian Cookbook is a celebration of local cuisine. This beautiful hardback includes recipies from Maragret Fulton, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, Frank Camorra and more. From tried and true Aussie classics to contemporary cuisine that reflect Australia's ethnic diversity and fresh local produce, The Great Australian Cookbook has something for every taste. All proceeds go to OzHarvest, the Aussie charity giving to the needy and fighting food wastage!Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me is tender, funny, warm, and utterly inspiring. Pairing an irresistible photograph with just the right sentiment, every page delivers a life lesson that appeals as much to our hearts as our minds. It reminds us again and again of what s important, like love: Be there when others need you. Compassion: Even the smallest act of kindness matters. Perseverance: Keep going until you find your way home. And that happiness is a choice: Leap higher than you Paperback