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Earth Greetings card and wrap

Earth Greetings founder, Heide Hackworth, is an Adelaide based creative living and working in SA. Heide has travelled throughout Australia and been lucky to visit some incredible natural wonderlands, such as the Tarkine forest in Tasmania, Kakadu National Park in NT, the tropical rainforests of Northern QLD and the unique coastal scrub of the Coorong in SA. Standing amongst the beauty and diversity of these wild places has inspired her to tread as lightly on the Earth as possible.

In 2003, Heide started the business endeavouring to tick all the right 'eco' boxes. Aiming to produce greeting cards and stationery using 100% recycled paper and non-toxic printing, run the office on 100% Greenpower and donate to environmental not-for-profits. 

The more Heide researched, the more horrified she was at how much environmental destruction can be caused by the paper making process. Dense, diverse forest which took years to establish is destroyed, wildlife loses its home or is confined to smaller areas, to the carbon-emmitting transportation of the wood, the pulping process using vast amounts of water, and pollution created in paper bleaching and printers ink ending up in our air, water and food.

In running a business, giving back to the planet is as important to Heide as having a minimal impact. Which is why Earth Greetings donates a minimum 10% of profit to environmental organisations making a difference. The organisations we support include:

Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital
Animals Australia
Australian Conservation Foundation
Save The Bilby Fund
The Last Straw
The Wilderness Society
Trees For Life
World Wildlife Fund

Additionally, Earth Greetings subject their business to an annual emissions and waste audit annually. Reducing waste and emissions where possible and to offset any carbon emissions they produce, they invest in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor re-establishment to help protect and recover declining woodland and shrubland fauna.

Heide's mission is to use the most Earth friendly paper & printing alternatives available to design unique paper goods made with love for people and planet.

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