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Boom Shankar Namaste Collection for Summer 2021

Boom Shankar

NAMASTE arrives in store during August through to Decemeber

India is calling. Vibrant rainbow buildings line the streets greeting those who wander them

with flashes of turquoise, pink, red and yellow as spices waft on the breeze, bringing with

them the promise of simmering chai, new friends and deep conversations of life and love. The

streets vibrate with life as scooters zoom, rickshaws rattle, cows meander, and store holders

sweep their stoops, colouring the pavement with bright Rangaavali designs to express their

joy and welcome all who would journey there. This is a magical place where anything is

possible, a place your spirit feels at home and you live in contrast wonder at the rich history

around you. The vitality of the street is met with luscious embroideries in popping orange,

purple and pure white, jewel toned floral block prints, and playful geometric lines. As the story

unfolds, a tiger meets a gazelle, while printed Hindi sends Boom Shankar blessings to all,

and vintage florals collide with acid-bright stripes, tropical palm trees, and a dreamy spray of

romantic blooms. India captivates your mind, body, heart and soul, and here we celebrate all

the colour, joy and wisdom that make it so enchanting.

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